Humans are the dominant species in Ahltorass, having numbers, organization, magic and weapons on their side. Twenty centuries ago, they moved into the plains and lowlands, eventually building strong kingdoms and city-states and sprawling trade routes.

From the west came the builders of the North Sea’s greatest city, Blackmoor, and the feudal kingdoms of Vastune and Trampang. With the maritime and fortress-building technologies of the western lands, they settled the North Sea and established coastal merchant cities and inland outposts. Spreading free trade and free worship of dozens of gods and godlings, their cultures also permit slavery and drug use. The wonders and debauchery of Blackmoor, the Black Port, are famed even in distant lands.

From the south came the followers of a monotheistic faith, the worshippers of Haeklon. Settlers from the mighty LaFont Empire brought an orderly and self-righteous culture of priests and paladins. Widespread use of improved agricultural and animal-breeding techniques brought about rich kingdoms with the strongest cavalry in Ahltorass. The mighty Knights of Falune defend the crystal city from attack and spread the word of the One God throughout a collection of smaller duchies and small kingdoms from Klasta to the Stonelands.

These are the lands of man.

But in the mountain crags and the storm-wracked seas, in the unsettled forests and highlands, in the crumbling ruins of forgotten civilizations, Evil stirs. Twisted chaos spawn raid the north, foul tentacled things pull ships whole beneath the water, and slave-taking drow raid settlements of man and elf alike. The skaven infest the Stonelands and sacrifice human children to their dark god, the Horned Rat. Cultists spread disease and discontent in the most lawful cities of the land. The Necromancer Drammis the Mad is said to be raising an army of the dead in his citadel deep in the Broken Lands.

It is a dark time, and the need for heroes is great.


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