Saga of the Bone Breakers


Trouble in the Stonelands

The party met and began their adventures under 2nd ed. The core party of Darg the Dwarf, Priscilla Canesten, Jesus Escobar III and Leeloo was joined briefly by Slathor (fighter) and Tomas (NPC ranger).

Exploring an ancient dwarven cairn in the northern hinterlands of the Stonelands, they stumbled upon skaven tunnels and were forced to flee after Priscilla was infected by rat plague. At the keep of Baron Sturm, they foiled a wererat/skaven plot to assasinate the baron.


The House on Bone Hill

The adventuring company continued in 4th ed. with party members Darg and Jesus joined by Lia Canesten (Priscilla’s sister), Mesmer and sometimes Varis. Travelling to the southern Gothic swamps of the Stonelands, they explored a haunted house inhabited by the mad Bone brothers (a voodoo necromancer and devil-summoner). The party slew both and named themselves the Bone Breakers, although Darg persistently refers to them as Darg’s Dungeoneers.

White Wyrm Pass

At Baron Sturm’s request, the Bone Breakers agreed to travel to Blackmoor to act as his agent in hiring an army of mercenaries (the famed Bloodaxe Company). Their voyage took them through White Wyrm Pass just as the snows closed the pass. They survived undead at Battlefield Downs, the Catacomb of Koptila, the cliffside lair of Caustrex (black dragon), and a remorhaz attack. They rested for a time in the dwarven fortress of Thordin. Wandering astray of the trail in a heavy blizzard, the party stumbled upon the Sacrificial Altar of the Wyrmkult just in time to witness the cult’s ritual freeing Rimefrost, an ancient white dragon.

Last Breaths of Ashenport

Descending from the mountain pass to the rainy, muddy coast, the party wandered into Ashenport. The small fishing village had been infiltrated by cultists of Dagon. The party broke the cult and killed several servants of the eldritch Old One. They recovered in Fort White on Blackmoor’s borders. Outside the fort they had a strange encounter with a Vistani fortune-teller who showed Mesmer a strange vision of the Horned Rat mustering a huge army of skaven and allies in the Underdark.



The party entered the megacity in early winter, setting up shop at the Green Dragon Inn. They delivered Baron Sturm’s promissory note to the Bloodaxe Company, which began organizing a mercenary army to march to the Stonelands in the spring under the command of Kristina Daumaril, a famous adventurer.

Lia won the Crosstown Race and joined the bardic college Canaith. Jesus founded a neighbourhood thieves’ guild called the Old City Rollers. Darg made contact with his uncle, a prominent figure in the Guild of Brewers, and trained with the mercenary Bloodaxe Company. Mesmer led the party into the Swamps of the Timbermoor to retrieve a toad idol for his former master, Charritt the Green. On his return, Mesmer was welcomed as a member of the Academy of Wizardry. Darg’s new contacts at the Bloodaxe Company led to a mission hunting undead outside the city; a vampire named Nexull escaped the party’s invasion of his lair.

Depths of Madness

The party foiled a plot to infect Blackmoor’s water supply by foulspawn in the sewers. These abyssal creatures had some kind of strange connection a portal to the Far Realm.


Chasing rumours of a powerful artifact sought by the Horned Rat’s armies, the party travelled by faerie mound portal to the Feywild. They had some encounters with riddling satyrs, trolls under a bridge, and a cloud of magical butterflies.

White Plume Mountain

The party’s destination in the Feywild was White Plume Mountain, a mad archmage’s volcanic dungeon playground. They recovered the evil intelligent sword Blackfrost, object of the Horned Rat’s attention, and managed to break the artifact with the use of three items of power: Wave (a runic bowl), Whelm (a great bellows), and Blackhammer (a smith’s hammer).


5th edition. The Bone Breakers survive.

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