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Blackmoor (History, Deception, Arcana)
City of Thieves, the Black Port
Human, all other races

A huge and decadent city-state, defended by noble mages and a powerful navy, Blackmoor is the political and cultural focal point of the north. Scholars and sages pore through its great libraries. Mercenary halls teem with fresh-faced recruits and grizzled veterans. Merchant princes, wealthy guilds and slave traders converge on Blackmoor and the streets run with gold. Anything and everything can be found for sale in the markets of the City of Thieves, and a thousand great adventures have started within its gates.

Falune (History, Religion)
the Crystal City
Mainly human, some elves, few dwarves and gnomes

Blackmoor’s rival city-state is a strict and ordered theocracy controlled by the priests and paladins of Haeklon and defended by the faith’s martial order, the Knights of Falune. Its crystal spires and great works of art are spoken of with awe. Skaven from the Ice Mountains, undead rising in the Ice Hills, and drow slavers marauding from the Great Sand Wastes threaten Falune’s power.

Free Peninsula (Intimidation, Sleight of Hand)
Chaotic folk of all races

An anarchic rogue state, wild and free. The smallish city of Freeport is a pirate’s haven and the bane of Blackmoor’s navy. The scum of all the world’s races turn up here. Enormous sea monsters, merro (aquatic trolls) and ghost pirates keep things interesting.

Hale (Nature, Elven Language)
Human, Elf

Hale is a scenic land of hills, rivers and valleys known for its elven sanctuaries, deadly archers, and fine wine. Its people are threatened constantly by drow slavers from the Great Sand Waste, but have also contended with white and blue dragons, undead and orc clans from the Ice Hills.

Jalae (Intimidation, Survival, Hill Tribe dialect)
Humans, half-orcs, gnolls

A bizarre hill country of insular wildmen and humanoid tribes, torn by blood feuds and incursions from Natural and Shadow creatures.

Jania (Athletics, Intimidation, Dwarven Language)
Human, dwarf

A distant land of dusty hills and badlands, its small population scratches out their living keeping the caravans from the East safe as they bear lotus, opium, spices, silk and slaves. The caravans are fat plunder for hard-riding gnoll and flind bandits. Devils and demons are said to crawl forth from several terrible gates in the region.

Karaka (Deception, Persuasion)

Karaka is a verdant plain fed by the mighty Styler River. The country’s wealthy merchants and fierce horsemen control the flow of trade with the Southern Empires. Drow slavers and sand worms from the Great Sand Waste harass the caravans, while hill tribe raiders and Natural and Shadow creatures threaten from Jalae.

Klasta (Insight, Goblin Language)
Human, goblin, dwarf, hobgoblin

An unstable confederacy of dukes and barons who grow fat off the caravan trade between the North Sea and the Dawnwaters Sea which flows through White Worm Pass in summer. Some barons hire goblin and hobgoblin mercenaries to repel goblin and hobgoblin raiding clans.

Klime (Athletics, Intimidation)
Human, half-elf, dwarf

The sailors of the Iron Coast and rivermen of the Wyrmbite Rivers are renowned for their skill and temper. Klime exports timber, furs, rope and obsidian. Sahuagin from the North Sea and giants from the Ice Mountains are the chief dangers.

Nordheim (Nature, Survival, Abyssal Language)
Human, dwarf, elf, orc

Like their Sigurn neighbours, the Nordheimers are fierce longship raiders and craftsmen. More politically organised than the Sigurns and Talarians, they spend their energies repelling the Abyssal horrors of the Chaos Lands and dragons from the Hellcold Mountains.

Sigurnlands (Athletics, Nature)
Human, dwarf, elf, orc

The Sigurnlanders are pillagers and longship raiders, merchant traders and carousers. The rich frontier city of Southport is a melting pot guarding the sea trade of Winterwall Passage, which is impassable in the cold months.

Talarius (Intimidation, Abyssal Language)
Human, gnoll

Talarius is a stony land of desolate hills and forests. Its crazed berserkers and their Nordheim neighbours are all that holds back Chaos Land expansion of demons cultists, gnolls and Shadow.

Trampang (Persuasion, History)
Human, half-orc, orc

The king of Trampang rules a sprawling feudal land of plains, hills and rivers with an army of vassal knights and heavy cavalry, and devotes time to internal intrigues and intermittent territorial struggles with Vastune. The huge and fertile lands of Trampang and Vastune are the breadbasket of the North. Dragons, bandit chiefs and werewolves are problems.

Vastune (Arcana, History)
Human, gnome, eladrin, elf

A chivalrous feudal kingdom protected by powerful knights and guided by wizardly advisors, Vastune has expanded in recent decades to the borders of Blackmoor’s lands, and has swallowed some weak Klastan domains. There are a number of gates to the lands of Fey and Shadow in Vastune.

Zaratianna (Insight, Survival)

Zaratianna’s Iron Coast is a hard land producing iron, obsidian, timber and leather. The country is perpetually at war with its neighbour Klime, which has sacked or held Hell’s Gate a number of times. Zaratianna is also menaced by drow slavers from the Great Sand Waste, kuo-toa from the sargasso near Laratis and kenku from the Ninthian Range.

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