Bone Breakers in Blackmoor

Jesus is from Blackmoor. He left in a hurry but have never explained exactly why to the rest of the party. Illyra, the Vistani fortune-teller, recently gave Jesus reason to believe that the Assassins Guild may still hold a grudge. The great love of his life was Selena, a fiery girl from the Wharves in Blackmoor.

get Jesus drunk around the fire sometime and he’ll tell you about his time in Blackmoor with the guild :

the guild… I was only an apprentice, I didn’t even know who the leadership was. on the streets, I had always stuck by an older boy, Rafi (Rafael) and he looked out for me. I must have been about 15 when he asked if I wanted to come along on a job with him. of course I said yes. it was some old merchant who crossed the wrong people… Rafi let me do it and I was scared but I didn’t want to let him down. afterwords, I thought I would feel… some guilt or shame, but it was only excitement… and power. ha, it’s funny now to think that killing used to make me feel.

anyway, I guess Rafi had been recruiting me for some time and this was a test. after that, I was in. the next couple years were the best time in my life, running from rooftop to rooftop, tracking people through the city, laying in wait for a mark… good money for easy work… compared to slogging through the snow to to get attacked by some fucking rhemoraz or ocean god anyway.

the last job was complicated. I mean it was always complicated to kill someone in a specific way or make it look like an accident, but this was different. it was some foreign diplomat or something. just a straight kill but this guy was supposed to be a fighter so they sent me and Rafi as a pair. no problem, we had worked together before and so I went to lay in wait at this guy’s room while Rafi trails him back. simple plan, never fails. but this time, guy picks up a whore down on the docks. I hear her laugh on the way up the stairs. Selena.

Selena and I grew up together on the streets. shit so what if she was whore. you grow up like we did eating rats and begging, you don’t judge these things. and Selena was different. she had a strength to her. there’s all sorts of girls on the street and sooner or later they all need something to escape and there was always some pimp ready to provide… for a price. but Selena, she could see the cycle and she wanted out. hell, we were getting out.. together. we were young and in love and things were better than they ever had been…. but then I heard her laugh coming up the stairs with my mark.

the guild didn’t like witnesses. I knew Rafi would take out Selena just to tie up the loose ends. I thought maybe if I could intervene before things got out of control. I hear the mark fumble his keys at the door and then the sounds of fighting. he must have realized he was being trailed and feigned drunkenness. our target bent over clutching his keys and drunk was too great a temptation for Rafi and he struck early. by the time I had the door open, our mark had Selena with a knife at her throat with Rafi staring him down, daggers out. I exchanged a look with Rafi and I could see the apologetic look in his eye. he knew what Selena meant to me, but he was a professional. I could see the strike before it happened, Rafi feigned left but went right. the mark moved so Selena would take the blow but I blocked Rafi’s strike in time and knocked him off balance. the mark doesn’t miss a beat as he took advantage and skewered Rafi on his blade. turning to look at me, he smiled, understanding what had happened. calmly, he proceeded to draw his knife over Selena’s throat.

I caught his arm and his knife went up instead of across, cutting her face badly. Selena managed to pull away but the mark was already moving towards me with his blades out. as our intel said, he was a fighter and better than me by far. soon, I was bleeding from several wounds and had my back to the window in his room. I could almost scream in frustration as I could see Selena bleeding in the hall but this “victim” of ours was too strong. I saw an opportunity and dived from the window to the streets. I ran through the alleyways and thought about what had happened. I couldn’t stay. the guild did not accept failure. Rafi was either dead or dying and because of me. and Selena was no better off. if the mark didn’t finish her off, the guild would interrogate her to find me. I cursed the gods that night for my inability to save them. I tried to stay in Blackmoor for a few days, hoping to find something but after narrowly escaping some guild teams, I resigned myself to leaving my only home.

and that is why I left Blackmoor."

Mesmer’s parents apprenticed him for some years to the wizard Charitt the Green. This was prior to Mesmer’s first adventure and the tragic deaths of his brothers. Charitt often spoke of his friend and rival Manannan the Blue, a sage renowned for his learned writings who lives in Blackmoor.

Excerpt from “Chronicles of a Battle Mage” by Mesmer the Mesmerian:

When the Wizard path chose me, my parents sent me to apprentice with Charitt the Green. He was a powerful Wizard who had settled in Blackmoor and prospered. He was a strict teacher but he opened my mind to the arcane. It will be good to see him again after all this time.

It might not be so good to see others, though. There were other Wizards in the city. Other masters with their apprentices. All playing a grand game vying for power. One in particular, Manannan the Blue, was a friend and rival of Charitt’s. He often allied with Charrit but almost as often sided-against when opportunity arose. Competing in the grand game played by the masters was never dull. The apprentices carried out the dirty work while the masters plotted. But, by the gods it was great.

I’d probably still be battling it out in Blackmoor if my brothers hadn’t lured me away. They came with promises of adventure and travel but we all know how that ended.

The Game was everything for a while but that time had passed. I decided I would do my best to avoid getting pulled back into the Master’s game and lose control of my own goals. I knew that I would need to be especially careful if I ever returned to Blackmoor. The Master’s are ever vigilant for new resources to gain advantage.

Darg’s father’s brother Falak left Khuzdul decades ago and eventually settled in Blackmoor. The clan has had little contact with him over the years but it is said that he is a brewmaster there. Falak and Darg’s father did not get along.

Darg remembers little of his Uncle, as Falak left the DwarfHold when Darg was still very young. Darg always assumed that he must have left under difficult circumstances though, as he once heard his Father say"Falak always loved Beer more than Agamemnorus!", (a horrible insult coming from Darg’s pious Father). Ever since leaving Kuzdul, Darg has become more and more sure that Falak must have been exiled, as, (short of Being on a Mission from God), there is no sane reason why any Dwarf would willingly leave the security of the Hold for the terrifying Overworld, home to all of the the crazed Big People and the Horrible Unrelenting Emptyness of the Sky!!…

As for any “Dwarven Community” to be found on the surface, (and given the above), Darg would be concerned that they must all be somehow addled, or of unscrupulous character, exiled as Falak was.? Is this what represents Dwarvenkind above ground? (It might explain, however, some of the strange reactions that Darg sometimes gets when dealing with the Big People?). Never the less, if Darg is to get a message back to the Dwaven Homelands, warning of the Horrible and Impending Threat, his Uncle is probably the best place to start. (?)

Lia’s father traded the products of the family’s small estate with a Blackmoor-based merchant named Otto, who is associated with the merchant house of Salian. You met Otto many times on his annual visits to Vastune. Tell us more about Otto and the house of Salian. If you like, you can describe your family estate as well.

Varis has heard that Blackmoor’s Temple Street is a long straight road lined with shrines, temples and churches to various gods, godlings, demons, cults of personality and the like. Blackmoor’s residents are fickle and the temples shift constantly in power and popularity. Sometimes, it is said, a temple physically disappears from a site and is replaced overnight by a new house of worship. Tell us more about the worship of the Raven Queen in Blackmoor and her temple’s role in the city’s complicated religious politics (for reference, you can refer to any of the gods from the various pantheons in the old Deities & Demigods or from Greyhawk). In addition, you know that the most famous bakery in Blackmoor is Catania Bakery. What is it famous for?

Bone Breakers in Blackmoor

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