The Stonelands

The Stonelands are a rocky group of baronial holdings full of mountains, hills and valleys. Chief exports are quarried stone and wool. The Barons are the local powers – landholders with a great deal of control within their demesnes.

The Barons Sturm and Cauley in the northeast have expanded their lands under the plow to the very edges of the Ice Mountains in the past two decades. West of the Till River lies the great holding of Duke Brom, the most powerful lord of the region. The Duke is said to spend much of his time in Gorgin, the capital of neighbouring Klasta.

Two dwarf cities have stood in the nearby Ice Mountains for as long as humans have inhabited the area. Khuzdul, north of Baron Cauley’s holding, is the more sociable of the two. Dwarf and human merchants meet in the trading town of Balin’s Beard (or Dwarftown) to send metals and dwarfcrafts down the Till and foodstuffs, leather and wood into the mountains. Dormund is less hospitable and has minimal contact with the Stonelanders.

Over the past year, skaven armies have been a grave threat to the northern Stonelands. Hordes of skaven warriors, plague bearers, rat ogres and stormvermin are gathering in the Ice Mountains and striking deep into human territories.


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